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Laboratory of Innovation Projects

Laboratory’s Goals

Main directions of the laboratory’s activities:

  • search and processing of geospatial data on different themes within the multidisciplinary GIS project “Earth Sciences Data”;
  • implementation of the results of intellectual activity in the educational and commercial segments;
  • carrying out the innovative educational geographic project “Sphere-Education”;
  • carrying out scientific projects and preparing project documents;
  • control of work of the Council of Young Scientists of GC RAS;
  • processing applications for registration of intellectual property of GC RAS;
  • organization of conferences, meetings, events.

Relevance of research

At the present time geographic information systems are of great importance, both scientific and commercial. One of these systems – multifunctional multidisciplinary GIS is developed in GC RAS​​. Constant need for updating and expanding its database is essential for solving applied problems and carrying out cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations.

The main disadvantage of thematic map publications issued in the form of traditional paper maps, atlases and textbooks, is their low visual representation and limited capacity in representation of dynamic phenomena. To increase effectiveness of visual analysis of cartographic material it would be useful to use more modern technologies, one of which is a Geographic Information System (GIS) in conjunction with demonstration complexes using the most advanced methods for visualization of spatially distributed data. One of the most advanced tools of visualization and presentation of geo-referenced map data are digital demonstration complexes with spherical projection screen. Devices of this type can qualitatively improve the efficiency of perception and analysis of cartographic information of static and dynamic phenomena occurring on the Earth and planets of the Solar System. Currently there are only two such demonstration centers in Russia. One of them, 61 cm in diameter, is located at the Geophysical Center and is used for various scientific purposes, as well as an effective tool in educational activities – for delivering lectures on school subjects (geography, ecology, astronomy). Teachers mentioned the pupils’ growing interest in these lectures, a better understanding of program material on geosciences compared with a standard approach to teaching.

Major achievements of the laboratory

The laboratory has developed a GIS data processing system and a cartographic data series, which was introduced into the system. Laboratory regularly updates the database.

The laboratory successfully carried out the project “Sphere-Education”. The project focused on development of educational content for a multimedia complex with a spherical screen and delivering educational lectures in schools using this unique equipment. To date, the laboratory specialists visited several Moscow schools and delivered more than thirty lectures to students from the first to the eleventh grade. According to the polls 97% of students spoke in favor of the lectures due to vivid and unusual presentation of school material. This equipment has also been successfully used in implementing various scientific and commercial projects.

More than ten patent certificates were received.

The laboratory has successfully concluded a state contract with the Department of Foreign Economic Relations of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

The laboratory has organized a number of international conferences and events at GC RAS (international conferences “Electronic Geophysical Year: State of the Art and Results”, 3 – 6 June 2009 in Pereslavl-Zalessky; “Artificial Intelligence in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Study. INTERMAGNET Russian Segment” , 26–28 January 2011 in Uglich; workshop of the Russian-Ukrainian segment of World Data System “Development of Global Geoinformation Space for Sustainable Development Studies”, December 2011, Moscow).

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