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Council of Young Scientists

Provision on the Council of the young scientists and specialists of GC RAS:

General provisions: Council of the young scientists and specialists of the Geophysical centre of Russian Academy of Sciences (CYS&S GC RAS) is established to promote training the personnel for academic science, to join the scientific young people, to present, to defense and to realize the professional, intellectual, juridical, social and domestic rights of the young scientists and specialists GC RAS, i. e. persons who are not elder than 35 years and who are of the following staff categories:

  1. Research scientists;
  2. Engineers, programmers, technicians and laboratory assistants;
  3. Postgraduates, who are taught with and without day release;
  4. Intern researcher and applicants.

Main purposes of CYS&S GC RAS are:

  1. Provide the adaptation of the young scientists and specialists to the requirements of the contemporary scientific life in Russia and all over world;
  2. Provide the professional advancement of the scientific young people of GC RAS, development of young scientific initiatives and young scientific personnel retention in the Institute;
  3. Provide dissemination and application the research results of young scientists and specialists;
  4. Participation in supporting the scientific continuity, maintenance of the scientific schools and directions;
  5. Organization of information support of scientific young people, provide information on job vacancies, funds, grants , conferences, workshops and other events on support of young scientists;
  6. Submission the works of the young scientists to the contests and competition for the prise of Russian Academy of Sciences, for the prise of other organisations and funds, supported the science;
  7. Organisation and carrying scientific conferences of the young scientists and specialists of GC RAS;
  8. Organisation and contribution for the carrying the scientific conferences, schools, scientific practical workshops, round tables, lections.

Chairman of CYS&S GC RAS

Alena Rybkina
Leading research scientist, Chief of the Laboratory of innovation projects, PhD

Council of the young scientists and specialists:
Andrey Grudnev
Principal engineer
Дзебоев Б.А. Boris Dzeboev
Leading research scientist, Chief of laboratory, PhD
Mikhail Dobrovolsky
Senior research scientist, PhD
Roman Krasnoperov
Leading research scientist, PhD
Michael Nisilevich
Research scientist
Anastasia Odintsova
Research scientist
Olga Samokhina
Research scientist
Roman Sidorov
Senior research scientist, PhD
Anatoly Soloviev
Acting Director, Chief of laboratory, D.Sc.