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Library was founded in 1978 based on the books, journals and scientific works, collected as result of international book-exchange which started at the time of the International geophysical year (1957–1958).

Now total fund of the library is 51 thousand of the printed items, more than a half is foreign publications.

In the library the literature on the following subjects is collected:

  1. Geomagnetism and high layers of the atmosphere;
  2. Meteorology;
  3. Climatology;
  4. Oceanography;
  5. Glaciology;
  6. Physics of the Earth;
  7. Hydrology of land;
  8. General issues of Geology;
  9. Lithology;
  10. Tectonics;
  11. Auroras;
  12. Protection of Environment;
  13. Computing and Programming.

The library has alphabetical and systematic catalogs, retrospective catalogs of foreign and domestic journals.

Informational and library service is the basis of the library work; in particular, every month themed exhibitions are organized, every week the exhibitions of the new books are organized.

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