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Publication date: 4 June 2018. A. Odincova

June 4, 2018. The Russian Journal of Earth Sciences passed the final evaluation stage and was recommended by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) for inclusion in Scopus. As the department for management of publications Scopus (Source Collection Management department) informs, the process of indexation will begin within the next three months. However, the final decision remains with the owner of Scopus, the publishing house Elsevier.

The Russian Journal of Earth Sciences (RJES) has been published since 1998, by GC RAS as its founder and publisher. The journal publishes original research papers in all areas of geology, geophysics and geochemistry, including geoinformatics, ecology, atmospheric and ocean physics. The editor-in-chief of RJES is Academician A. D. Gvishiani, previously the journal was headed by Prof. A. F. Grachev.

The journal is published in English. The main goal of the journal is to inform the international scientific community about the results of scientific research of Russian scientists. Articles of foreign authors and international collectives are also accepted for publication, articles devoted to the general problems of earth sciences and research in Northern Eurasia are particularly welcome.

RJES is indexed in Web of Science, the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RINC), eLibrary, EBSCO host, Google Scholar (Google Academy), GeoRef, WorldCat, CyberLeninka and others. The website of the journal is