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Publication date: 27 March 2019. A. Odincova

March 26-27, 2019. American Association of Petroleum Geologists AAPF regional conference was held in Vienna, Austria. The theme of the conference was “Paratethys Petroleum Systems: Between Central Europe and the Caspian Region”. Deputy Director of GC RAS A. I. Rybkina made an oral presentation at the conference.

Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in exploration and production activity in regions that were previously not well studied, and new frontiers for the exploration of oil and gas are opening up in the world. This is a result of improved technology of geological survey, as well as geopolitical developments, which have led to increased availability in some countries. This year the conference was devoted to Paratethys, which is of particular interest due to insufficient knowledge on this theme.

The conference discussed issues of developing the ROSA database by obtaining new GIS data on the history of the development of oil and gas industry, as part of the implementation of the state task of GC RAS. Alena Igorevna Rybkina also made an oral presentation on “the Eastern Paratethys During the Messinian Salinity Crisis”, dealing with the main features of sedimentation in the Eastern Paratethys of the Upper Miocene. This presentation is of particular interest to a wide range of specialists in oil and gas geology and reflects the results of the implementation of the RFBR grant 17-05-01085.