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Publication date: 24 June 2019. A. Odincova

June 24, 2019. The former director of GC RAS, and now Chief Scientist of the institute, Academician Alexey Dzhermenovich Gvishiani, at the meeting of the Academic Council solemnly handed over the symbolic cap of the leader to his successor, Corresponding Member of RAS Anatoly Soloviev.

The new director is well known to the staff of GC RAS - one can say that he grew up at the institute, having come here in 2005 as a research assistant. In addition, for more than half a year, Anatoly Alexandrovich has already successfully managed the team as acting director. And yet it is especially important to understand what the leading scientist is thinking about at the time of obtaining all the powers, which wave he is on and what is his program of research activities.

The article can be found on the pages of Vestnik of ONZ RAN: Thoughts under the cap of the leader.