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Publication date: 18 October 2019. A. Odincova

October 18, 2019. Today the V International Conference "Information Technologies for Earth Sciences and Applications for Geology, Mining and Economics ITES&MP-2019" has completed its work. The conference was dedicated to the 260th anniversary of the Vernadsky State Geological Museum. Among the organizers of the conference are the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Mining Sciences of RF, Vernadsky State Geological Museum, French Geological Survey, BRGM, Orléans (France), with the support of the Embassy of France in Russia.

Scientists of GC RAS attended the event: Chief Scientist A. D. Gvishiani ("System Analysis in the Development of the Arctic") and scientists from the Laboratory of Innovation Projects Yu. I. Nikolova ("Development of web applications for interacting with science data about the Earth"), O. O. Samokhina (" Digital demonstration complex with a spherical screen running ORBUS 2.0: new projection technologies for the popularization of Earth sciences") and A. A. Odintsova (" GIS project ROSA: database and web service").