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Publication date: 15 November 2019. A. Odincova

November 15, 2019. From November 2 to 10, 2019, Deputy Director for Development of GC RAS A.I. Rybkina took part in the international summit of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) as chairman of the CODATA delegation. The event was held in Canberra, Australia and traditionally brought together leading experts, representatives of ministries and scientists in the field of Earth and space exploration.

Over 1200 people attended this event. The main venue was the National Exhibition Center of Australia, as well as the building of the National Academy of Sciences of Australia. The summit included thematic scientific sessions and workshops of representatives of countries and organizations of GEO members to discuss the development policy of science on Earth observation data, as well as various exhibitions. A Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Rosreestr, Roshydromet, Roscosmos, Rosstandart, also took part in the summit. In particular, the Russian side spoke in favor of developing national observing networks and satellite monitoring systems that are involved in the integrated global observation system of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

A. I. Rybkina made two oral presentations at thematic scientific sessions on “Data Science and New Solutions in the Field of Earth and Space Research” and “Data for Our Planet: FAIR Principles and the Development of Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Sciences”. At the meeting of WG on the principles of exchange and data management of GEO, A. I. Rybkina was elected co-chair of WG together with Columbia University professor Bob Chen.