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Publication date: 7 October 2020. E. Kedrov

October 7, 2020. A meeting of researchers of GC RAS and representatives of the Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation (JSC NIIAS), which is part of the Russian Railways structure, took place.

On the part of JSC NIIAS, the meeting was attended by: Chief Scientist I. N. Rosenberg, Deputy General Director I. A. Dubchak, Head of Department M. A. Shcheglov, Deputy Head of Scientific and Technical Complex A. S. Vasileysky, Head of the Center A. I. Karelov, Deputy Head of the Organizational and Control Department I. D. Yarosh.

On the part of GC RAS, the meeting was attended by: Chief Scientist A. D. Gvishiani, Deputy Director A. I. Rybkina, Head of the laboratory of geophysical data B. A. Dzeboev, senior researchers of the laboratory of geoinformatics and geomagnetic research M. N. Dobrovolsky and R. V. Sidorov, chief researcher of the laboratory of electronic publications V. A. Pilipenko and junior researcher of the laboratory of innovative projects G. S. Boyarshinov.

During the meeting, the team of JSC NIIAS learned about the developments of GC RAS used for the analysis and visualization of geophysical data, such as a digital demonstration complex with a spherical screen and Orbus software, as well as the Russian-Ukrainian center for the collection of geomagnetic data. During the meeting, the prospects for scientific and technical cooperation between GC RAS and JSC NIIAS were also outlined.

In the photo from left to right: B. A. Dzeboev, I. A. Dubchak, A. D. Gvishiani, A. I. Rybkina, I. N. Rosenberg, I. D. Yarosh, A. S. Vasileysky, A. I. Karelov, M. A. Shcheglov.