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Publication date: 27 May 2021. Administrator

May 27, 2021

Under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences on May 27, the International Scientific Symposium of RAS «Epidemics and Pandemics: Conclusions and Coordination of the Future» is being held, headed by the President of RAS Academician A. M. Sergeev and Vice-President of RAS Academician V. P. Chekhonin.

2021 was rightly declared by the President of Russia as the «Year of Science» – Russian scientists were among the first in the world to register an effective vaccine against COVID-19.

How to make sure that scientific discoveries are maximally aimed at solving urgent problems of human health? What are the prospects for collaboration and crowdsourcing in science? How to prevent new infectious threats? How to establish and maintain optimal balances between the interests of the state and business in the development of medical science? What are the ethical dilemmas faced by the development of genetics? How much does modern medical science cost for the state, business and the population? How to preserve the existing personnel and raise the personnel necessary for science?

Scientists from Brazil, Great Britain, India, China, Russia, South Africa will answer these and other questions in the program of the Symposium. To view the broadcast (recording), you have to be registered for the Congress «Orgzdrav-2021».

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