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Publication date: 26 October 2023. T. Kudryavtseva

October 26, 2023. On October 25–26, 2023, the scientists of the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, headed by Director Corresponding Member of RAS Anatoly Soloviev, Chief Scientist Academician of RAS Alexei Gvishiani, and Deputy Director for Science B. A. Dzeboev took part in the III All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation «Modern Methods of Seismic Hazard Assessment and Earthquake Prediction». The conference was organized by the Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics RAS (ITPZ RAS).

The conference was dedicated to the memory of Alexander Anatolyevich Soloviev, an outstanding geophysicist, specialist in the field of mathematical modeling of the dynamics of lithospheric blocks, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of RAS Alexander Anatolyevich headed ITPZ RAS for many years. He made a significant contribution to the organization of the first conference.

On October 25, a solemn gathering was held in honor of the opening of the monument to Al. An. Soloviev at the Troyekurovsky Cemetery. The event was held by Director of the ITPZ Corresponding Member of RAS P. N. Shebalin. Member of the Presidium of RAS Academician of RAS L. M. Zeleny delivered the first speech. A. D. Gvishiani delivered his speech on behalf of the Bureau of the Department of Earth Sciences. A son of the late scientist, Anatoly Alexandrovich Soloviev, colleagues, friends, and family shared their memories.

A. D. Gvishiani’s speech.

A. A. Soloviev delivers his speech.

A. D. Gvishiani opened the conference with a welcoming speech. He talked about the scientific and organizational activities of Al. An. Soloviev and wished the conference success.

The scientific part of the event opened with the report «Geomagnetic Effect of the Earthquakes with Mw = 7.5–7.8 in Turkey on February 6, 2023» by A. A. Soloviev.

А. А. Soloviev’s presentation.

On October 26, the conference continued. B. A. Dzeboev held the report «On the Need for New Approaches to the Assessment of Seismic Hazard».

B. A. Dzeboev. Photo: ITPZ RAS.