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Publication date: 21 April 2016. Administrator

April 21, 2016. Dmitry V. Panteleev delivered a report "Development of the user interface for the publication of geophysical information about the Earth's magnetic field, accumulated in the World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics" at a seminar of Laboratory 1.1, which took place at the Geophysical Center RAS.

The report formulated the purpose and problems faced by the developer, briefly spoke about the Earth's magnetic field and about the details of the variations of the geomagnetic field, gathered at the World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics from 1957 to the present time, the importance of these data and where they are used.

Then the reporter presented a web page with the request form for a user accessing a database of geomagnetic data, containing an interactive and customizable vector map, described the structure of a relational database based on MySQL and demonstrated the work of user interface by reference to the test database, which includes data on the minute values of the elements of the geomagnetic field. He also spoke about a possibility of acquiring and retaining the output file with selected data from the database in three different formats - wdcb, csv and IAGA2002.

In conclusion, the speaker listed the work planned for the near time - the program code optimization, adding a check for incorrect data entered by a user, and the future challenges — a program for the development of average annual values of the geomagnetic field and data on the K index, the program translated into English.