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Publication date: 26 June 2017. A. Odincova

June 26, 2017. Professor Dag Arne Lorentzen, a Norwegian citizen, heads the Center of Exellence at the Birkeland Center for Space Science, University of Bergen. He is also the supervisor of SuperDARN in Svalbard and manages a group of polar lights observations. At Svalbard International University Prof. Dag Lorentzen lectures on the physics of the upper polar atmosphere.

Professor Lisa Jane Baddeley is a Canadian citizen and currently works at the Training Center, created jointly by the Center for Space Science in Birkeland and the Svalbard International University. At UNIS, Lisa Baddeley lectures on magnetospheric substorms and radar diagnostics of cosmic plasma.

During the visit, the experts shared their experience and discussed possible ways of interaction and cooperation with GC RAS.