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Publication date: 1 July 2018. A. Odincova

June 28, 2018. Dr. Sc. Igor Mikhailovich Aleshin spoke at a seminar of the laboratory of geoinformatics and geomagnetic studies of GC RAS.

His presentation "Compact energy-efficient device for the collection and transfer of geomagnetic data" was previously shown at the IInd All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific Instrument-Making - Current State and Prospects for Development" (Kazan, Russia, 2018).

Within the framework of the report, the device was developed based on a single-board computer with an ARM-processor, which provides geomagnetic data registration. The recorder is characterized by low power consumption (~ 3 W), small size and weight. Registration and local storage is carried out on the basis of the specialized SEEDLink protocol. This protocol also allows real-time data transfer. In IPv4 networks, the communication between the device and the data collection center is carried out via an encrypted channel using virtual private network technology. The fact that the basis of the recorder is a fully functional computer allows remote control of both the device itself and the measuring equipment connected to it. The device is adapted to work with a number of magnetometers used in geomagnetic measurements.