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Publication date: 10 October 2018. A. Odincova

October 10, 2018. A meeting of Section No. 1 “Environmental and Radiation Safety of Long Term Storage, Conservation and Disposal of RW” of Scientific and Technical Council No. 10 of Rosatom State Corporation was held at the Institute for the Safe Development of Nuclear Energy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At the meeting, the issues of the underground research laboratory created in the Nizhnekansky massif, and the composition of the planned experiments aimed at obtaining the necessary data to substantiate the long-term safety of the deep disposal site of radioactive waste were discussed.

V. N. Tatarinov, Head of the Geodynamics Laboratory, and V. N. Morozov, Chief Researcher, made a presentation at the meeting “Geodynamic and Geomechanical Research and Experiments”.