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Publication date: 14 February 2019. A. Odincova

February 14, 2019. General Meeting of GC RAS took place at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to hold the elections for the position of Director of GC RAS.

Three candidates were nominated for the post of Director of GC RAS: Head of the laboratory for electronic publications E. O. Kedrov, Head of the Laboratory of Geoinformatics and Geomagnetic Research, Corresponding Member of RAS A. A. Soloviev, Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Satellite Methods for Studying Geophysical Processes of IFZ RAS Dr. Sc. G. M. Steblov. After the opening speech of Chief Scientists of GC RAS Alexey Dzhermenovich Gvishiani, the candidates read out their programs. According to the results of the voting, A. A. Soloviev, was elected a new director.

In the photo from left to right: A. A. Soloviev, A. D. Gvishiani, G. M. Steblov and E. O. Kedrov.