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Publication date: 1 March 2019. A. Odincova

March 1, 2019. The opening of the “Evolution of the Earth” Research and Education Center took place at the Novosibirsk State University. Acting director of GC RAS A.A. Soloviev and correspondent for "Bulletin of Earth Sciences Branch of RAS visited the event.

In Russia, the opening of REC is the most important event in the world of geoscience. A.A. Soloviev congratulated Rector of NSU, Corr. Member of RAS M.P. Fedoruk, the creators of "Evolution of the Earth", especially Academician V.A. Vernikovsky. A.A. Soloviev said that GC RAS had the opportunity to participate in the Center development. One of the exhibits is a unique demonstration complex with a spherical display with 1 meter diameter, developed at the GC RAS. The complex has no analogues in Russia. The equipment of the complex will be used to demonstrate the dynamic processes occurring on Earth and on other planets of the solar system. In the future, jointly with NSU, the researchers plan to replenish scientific data libraries. Integration of the most modern models describing slow geological processes, including paleoreconstructions, will be carried out. In addition, they intend to create a sensory modification of spherical display with the ability to control the image.

"Bulletin of Earth Sciences Branch of RAS" will cover the event in detail. The publication will mark the beginning of a series of articles devoted to the geological museums of Russia. In conclusion, A.A. Soloviev sincerely wished prosperity and an endless stream of curious visitors to the museum. He also expressed his deep conviction that the museum will fulfill its educational mission to the fullest extent.