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Publication date: 15 March 2019. A. Odincova

March 15, 2019. Delegation from the Center for Geophysical Monitoring of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus visited GC RAS. The delegation included: Director Gennady Arkadyevich Aronov, Deputy Director for geophysical service, Ph.D. Rustiam Ryzvanovic Seroglazov and Head of the geophysical observatory "Naroch", Dr. Sc. Arkady Gesselevich Aronov.

Acting Director, Corr. Member of RAS Anatoly Soloviev, Chief Scientist academician of RAS Alexei Dzhermenovich Gvishiani, Head of the laboratory of geophysical data, Ph.D. Boris Arkadyevich Dzeboev, Chief Researcher of the laboratory of geodynamics, Dr. Sc. Vladimir Ivanovich Kaftan and Corr. Member of RAS Igor Anatolyevich Sheremet took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, the sides discussed ways of joint research in the field of monitoring the magnetic field of the Earth. In particular, they talked about bringing the Pleshchenitsy magnetic observatory to the INTERMAGNET standard and its inclusion in the network managed by GC RAS, aeromagnetic survey of the territory of Russia and Belarus, exchange of historical and modern geophysical data on the profiles of the World Data Centers of the GC RAS.

Anastasia Evgenievna Kuymdzhu, junior researcher at the laboratory of innovative projects, presented a digital demonstration complex with a spherical projection screen, as the newest means of visualizing global geospatial data.