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Publication date: 15 May 2019. A. Odincova

May 15, 2019. Head of the Information and Software Engineering Group of the Information Systems Department of the Vienna University of Technology (TU-Wien), Vienna, Austria, adjunct professor Dr. Andreas Rauber visited GC RAS.

The purpose of the visit was to coordinate issues of scientific cooperation of GC RAS with the Vienna University of Technology. During the meeting, modern approaches to the exchange of research data were discussed. The issues of assigning DOI identifiers to individual data sets, as well as citing the results of querying scientific databases, were discussed separately. As a result of the meeting, the parties came to an understanding of the need to build further scientific cooperation in the field of technologies for the exchange of scientific data.

The meeting was attended by researchers of GC RAS: Chief Scientist academician A.D. Gvishiani, deputy director for development A.I. Rybkina, researchers R.V. Sidorov, M.N. Dobrovolsky and Scientific Secretary R.I. Krasnoperov.

From right to left in the photo: A.D. Gvishiani, A. Rauber, A.I. Rybkina, R.I. Krasnoperov.