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Publication date: 12 July 2019. A. Odincova

July 12, 2019. Within the framework of the XXVII General Assembly of the IUGG, the second meeting of the IUGG Council was held, at which the reports of the presidents of eight associations were presented: the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS); International Association of Geodesy (IAG), International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA), International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS), International Association of Physical Sciences on the Ocean (IAPSO), International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI), International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI). IUGG General Secretary A. Ismail-Zadeh made a presentation on the work of the International Science Council (ISC) committees over the past four years. Among others was the report of the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), prepared by the representative of IUGG at CODATA, Chairman of the National Geophysical Committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences (NGC RAS) Academician A. D. Gvishiani and the representative of the Union Commission for Data and Information (UCDI) at IUGG A. I. Rybkina. The meeting also presented the report of the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP), prepared by the representative of IUGG at SCOSTEP, Chairman of the Section of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy of NGC RAS V.D. Kuznetsov.

On this day, the IUGG Council also held a presentation of applications for holding the XXVIII General Assembly in 2023. Representatives from the following cities made presentations: Athens (Greece), Berlin (Germany), Guadalajara (Mexico); Geneva, (Switzerland). Based on the results of the hearings, a rating vote was taken by members of the Council. According to the results of voting, Athens and Berlin entered the second round. The final decision on the venue for the next IUGG General Assembly will be taken at the third meeting of the IUGG Council on Tuesday 16 July. At the IUGG Council meeting, Russia was represented by Corr. Member of RAS A. A. Soloviev.

Also on July 12, the first meeting of the IAGA Council of Delegates was held. The national delegate from Russia was Corr. Member of RAS A. A. Soloviev. The agenda of the meeting included reports from IAGA President Eduard Petrovsky (Czech Republic) and IAGA Secretary General Mioara Mandea (France/Romania). IAGA Vice-President Monika Corte (Germany) reported on the 4th IAGA School for Young Scientists, which was held July 3-7 at the Biological Station of the University of Montreal. The school was attended by 24 students, three among them were from Russia.

Representatives of the five IAGA Divisions made progress reports. The chairmen of the IAGA interdisciplinary commissions - the Commission for the Education and Promotion of Science (ICEO) and the History Commission (IDC) - made presentations on their work. The IDC Chair A.A. Soloviev spoke about the work of IDC.

E. Petrovsky reported on the upcoming joint scientific assembly of IAGA — IASPEI, which is scheduled for August 23–27, 2021 in Hyderabad, India. A welcoming speech on behalf of the local organizing committee was made by Professor D. Srinagesh (NGRI, India). Chairman of the nomination committee reported on the upcoming IAGA leadership elections.