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Publication date: 29 July 2019. A. Odincova

July 29, 2019. Deputy Director for Development Alena Rybkina and Junior Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Innovation Projects of GC RAS Anastasia Kuyumju paid a working visit to the Snowhite Projection Display Technology Co. (Shenzhen, China) to discuss scientific and industrial cooperation.

The development of interaction with a Chinese partner in the production of projection equipment is due to the growing interest among the country's schools and museums in demonstration complexes with a spherical screen. With their help, you can observe the climatic, geological and other processes taking place on Earth and the planets of the solar system, including in real time.

GC RAS is the only organization in Russia that actively uses this equipment to visualize its scientific achievements. The Institute also develops unique software that opens up new possibilities for creating demonstration and educational models.

The visitors discussed the plans to exchange experience to improve the quality of equipment and further development of the spherical visualization project for the Russian and Chinese markets.

In the future, the sides plan to sign an agreement on scientific cooperation and introduce Russian software to the Chinese market.

In the photo from left to right: A. Kuyumju, Kathy Xiang, A. Rybkina.