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Publication date: 21 May 2020. E. Kedrov

May 21, 2020. On the way to creating the country's northernmost full-scale magnetic observatory at the Samoilovsky Island Research Station in the Lena River delta, another step was taken - laying a pile field under the magnetic observatory pavilion. The work on the creation of the observatory is jointly carried out by GC RAS and the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics of SB RAS.

The need to create a magnetic observatory in northern latitudes is explained by the proximity to the North magnetic pole, which in recent years has been actively moving towards Siberia. Such a world-class full-scale magnetic observatory will make a significant contribution to the study of global processes of changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

The foundation was laid for the observatory at the Samoilovsky Island station.

Location of the observatory at the Samoilovsky Island station (72° 22ʹ35.052ʺN, 126° 28ʹ41.635ʺE).