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Publication date: 29 January 2024. T. Kudryavtseva

January 29, 2024. From January 29 to February 3, the annual scientific conference «The LV (55) Tectonic Meeting Tectonics and Geodynamics of the Earth's crust and Mantle: Fundamental problems – 2024» was held at the Geological Institute of RAS.

On January 29, Principal Research Scientist at the Laboratory of Geodynamics at the GC RAS, D.Sc. Vladimir Kaftan made a report based on research supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation. The topic was «The Сentury-Old History of Studying Modern Vertical Movements of the Earth's Crust in the Caucasus in the Aspect of Geodynamic and Tectonic Representations».

The co-authors of the study were employees of the GC RAS Deputy Director for Science, Principal Research Scientist D.Sc. Boris Dzeboev, Principal Research Scientist Corresponding Member of RAS D.Sc. Viktor Tatarinov, and Research Scientist Alexander Manevich.

The main results of the study are new spatial and temporal patterns of the connection of rapid rises in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus with strong seismicity, as well as the relationship of rises with static geophysical fields, fault tectonics, and seismicity in the region.

The results are of interest for improving still contradictory regional tectonic and geodynamic models.