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Publication date: 30 March 2016. Administrator

April 2, 2016. An agreement of cooperation between the Geophysical Center RAS and the Peoples’ Friendship University (RUDN-University) comes into force.

The aim of cooperation is to develop a coordinated action aimed at improving the level of research carried out in priority areas of science, technology and the quality of education and human resources for research and innovation developments. In addition, within the framework of cooperation the institutions will address issues of ensuring conditions for the effective use of scientific and technical potential of GC RAS ​​and RUDN to solve urgent social and economic problems of the country. Problems of innovative development and technological and environmental safety of mining enterprises, including environmentally hazardous facilities and underground industries are also supposed to be solved.

Vladimir Kaftan, principal research scientist of Geodynamics Laboratory, contributed to the signing of the agreement. For several years, he cooperated with the relevant departments of RUDN-University.