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Publication date: 23 August 2016. Administrator

August 23, 2016. The Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences congratulates Olga Samokhina, researcher of Sector of innovation projects with a victory in the competition for a best project in the field of popularization of scientific knowledge "School of young scientists"!

The "Sphere of Education" project's success is another serious confirmation of a significant contribution to the development of intellectual potential of the country's great achievements in science to attract young talents.

It is important that such activities provide young people an excellent opportunity to discover something new and amazing to apply their knowledge and ability, and a powerful stimulus to the choice of profession of the scientist. Participation in the activities of the project for young scientists is a weighty reason for the further development of research skills and the desire to achieve new successes in life.

The project is published in the open database of training activities on the portal "Science as a profession" and is available to all Moscow schools.