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Publication date: 23 September 2016. A. Odincova

September 23, 2016. Alena I. Rybkina, Ph.D., Head of the Sector of innovative projects of GC RAS and Scientific Secretary of the Russian National Committee of CODATA, was re-elected for a second term as a member of the Executive Committee of CODATA at the General Assembly of CODATA in Denver, USA. The voting ceremony was attended by about 50 CODATA members, including 28 voting delegates from India, United States, Finland, Japan, Israel, Korea, Australia, Russia, Kenya, Taiwan, China, Ukraine, Canada, the United Kingdom and international scientific unions: IUGG, IUPAC, IUCR, IAU, IUPAP, ICSTI, RDA, ICSU-WDS, WFCC and observers representing various countries and organizations.

List of new members of CODATA Executive Committee:

1. Jane Hunter, Australia

2. Paul Laughton, RSA

3. DT Lee, China: Taipei

4. Jianhui LI, China

5. Alena Rybkina, Russia

6. Paul Uhlir, USA

7. Joseph Muliaro Wafula, Kenya

8. Mary Zborowski, Canada

The team of GC RAS congratulates Alena Rybkina with her re-election to the Executive Committee of CODATA and wishes her every success in the development of international scientific cooperation of young Russian scientists!