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Publication date: 13 December 2016. A. Odincova

December 13, 2016. A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council № 10 of the State Corporation "Rosatom" ("Environment, Nuclear and Radiation Safety") chaired by Academician L. A. Bolshov, Director of the Nuclear Safety Institute of RAS took place on December 13.

The theme of the meeting was: "Drafting of a strategic master plan for the long-term safety studies of deposits of radioactive waste of 1st and 2nd class in the Nizhnekansky massif". Strategic master plan for 2017-2024, developed at the Institute of Nuclear Safety of RAS with the participation of the researchers of Laboratory of Geodynamics of GC RAS V. N. Morozov and V. N. Tatarinov, was approved and recommended for approval by the State Corporation "Rosatom".