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Publication date: 3 July 2018. A. Odincova

June 29, 2018. Famous traveler Matvei Shparo and biologist Ivan Smirnov, Teacher of the Year 2017, visited GC RAS. The visitors discussed the results of the Great Arctic Expedition and prospects for cooperation with GC RAS on geophysical monitoring in the northern latitudes.

The Great Arctic Expedition is a unique project, which was held for the jubilee 10th time in 2018. The project is supported by the Department of Education of Moscow and unites schoolchildren to participate in the most difficult expedition to the North Pole. The group led by the director of the Moscow center "Laboratory of travel" Matvei Shparo will pass the distance of 100 km on skis to the North Pole, and the group "Barneo" under the leadership of Ivan Smirnov will remain on the drifting station for scientific research. To participate in the project, schoolchildren undergo rigorous selection and out of a thousand applicants, only the 14 bravest and talented children will join the expedition.