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Publication date: 19 April 2019. A. Odincova

April 19, 2019. Geophysical Center RAS (GC RAS) and the Institute of Geosphere Dynamics of RAS (IDG RAS) decided to deploy a new joint magnetic observatory on the basis of the geophysical observatory "Mikhnevo" of IDG RAS. The first step of this cooperation took place on April 19, when senior researcher R.V. Sidorov and leading engineer A. A. Grudnev of the Laboratory of Geoinformatics of GC RAS installed a FGE vector magnetometer at the Mikhnevo Observatory.

A number of natural physical processes are monitored at the Mikhnevo Observatory: seismological, acoustic, geoelectromagnetic, ionospheric and other observations. The observatory has modern high-performance devices for the rapid transmission of large amounts of data, which provides significant opportunities for expanding and improving the complex of geomagnetic measurements. GC RAS, in turn, has modern high-precision equipment for recording geomagnetic data, capabilities for their collection, processing and preparation of verified magnetograms of the INTERMAGNET standard, as well as systematic experience in the development of geomagnetic observatories, which allows methodological guidance. Thus, the new geomagnetic observatory will be the result of the application of existing developments, resources, experience and scientific and technical potential of both of these institutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, GC RAS and IDG RAS will carry out joint research activities, including: creating favorable conditions for data collection and exchange as part of the development of the Russian segment of INTERMAGNET; research support in solar-terrestrial physics; support of space weather research and its impact on the state of industrial and infrastructure facilities; development of scientific cooperation with research organizations in the field of earth sciences.