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Publication date: 20 April 2020. E. Kedrov

April 20, 2020. A. O. Gliko, Academician-Secretary of the RAS Earth Sciences Branch (ONZ RAS), presented to the President of RAS, Academician A. M. Sergeev, a report on the research in 2019. In the context of a pandemic, the event took place in the format of an online conference. Among the most important scientific achievements in the field of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and mining sciences are the results of scientists of GC RAS:

  • creation of a stochastic model of seismicity with exponential distribution of earthquake productivity (S. Baranov, A. Gvishiani, C. Narteau, P. Shebalin);
  • fine structure of geomagnetic disturbances and geoinduced currents in power networks (O. Kozyreva, V. Pilipenko, R. Krasnoperov, L. Baddeley, Ya. Sakharov, M. Dobrovolsky).

The report is published in the “Earth Sciences Branch Newsletters”: