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Publication date: 26 May 2020. E. Kedrov

May 26, 2020. A group of authors of GC RAS: Academician of Ras A.D. Gvishiani, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences R.Yu. Lukianova and Corresponding Member of RAS A.A. Soloviev published the monograph "Geomagnetism: from the Earth's core to the Sun".

The geomagnetic field permeates all parts of the solid Earth, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere, spreads into space and plays an important role in many natural processes. Changes in the geomagnetic field in time and space provide important information about the state of the solid Earth, as well as about solar-terrestrial relationships and space weather conditions. The monograph considers a set of topical problems of modern geomagnetic research, and also presents the results of the author's developments.

The monograph was published by the Russian Academy of Sciences according to the decision of the Scientific Publishing Council.