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Publication date: 9 June 2021. Administrator

June 9, 2021.

On June 9, in the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GC RAS), during a meeting of the scientific council, Chief Scientist of GC RAS Academician Alexey Dzhermenovich Gvishiani was awarded an award «Honorary Worker of Science and High Technologies of the Russian Federation».

The award was assigned by the order of the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation P. A. Kucherenko on April 19, 2021 for significant merits in the field of science and many years of conscientious work.

Congratulations to Alexey Dzhermenovich with the presentation of the honorary award!

Director of GC RAS Corr. Member of RAS Anatoly Alexandrovich Soloviev and Chief Scientist of GC RAS Academician Alexey Dzhermenovich Gvishiani