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Publication date: 14 April 2016. Administrator

April 14, 2016. The "Report on the state of basic science in the Russian Federation and on the most important scientific achievements of Russian scientists in 2015", approved by the General meeting of RAS members on March 23, 2016, describes as a major achievement in the direction "Physical fields, the internal structure of the Earth and deep geodynamic processes" the “Method of system analysis to detect areas of possible occurrence of epicenters of significant, strong and strongest earthquakes", developed at GC RAS by a group of researchers, including ​​Academician A. Gvishiani, principal research scientist Prof. S. Agayan and senior researcher B. Dzeboev. The method for the first time applies system analysis as a powerful tool to detect areas of possible occurrence of epicenters of strong earthquakes. The team of researchers used the proposed method to detect the areas of possible occurrence of the epicenters of strongest earthquakes (M≥7,75) in the mountain belt of the Andes in South America and significant earthquakes (M≥5) in the Caucasus.