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Publication date: 24 September 2020. E. Kedrov

September 24, 2020. At the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth in the framework of a joint meeting of the seminar "Methods of researching geophysical data series and geoinformation systems" (headed by Academician of RAS A. D. Gvishiani) and the problem council "Earth seismicity, natural and natural-man-made disasters" (headed by Dr. Sc. A. D. Zavyalov), a preliminary defense of the thesis of the head of the laboratory of geophysical data of GC RAS, Ph.D. Boris Dzeboev for the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, took place.

The thesis topic was: "A system-analytical method for recognizing places of possible occurrence of strong earthquakes." The scientific advisor of the work was Chief Scientist of GC RAS, academician Alexei Dzhermenovich Gvishiani.

As part of the dissertation work, methods for recognizing the places of possible occurrence of strong earthquakes were developed. The author developed fundamentally new recognition algorithms "Barrier-3" and FCAZ. With their help, the solution of the fundamental problem of recognizing highly seismic zones in regions with different levels of seismicity has been significantly advanced.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to recommend the work for submission to the dissertation council of the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, RAS.

Boris Dzeboev