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Publication date: 6 April 2021. A. Odincova

April 6, 2021. тThe Russian federal newspaper of railway workers "Gudok" told about the cooperation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and JSC "Russian Railways", as well as the priority areas of interaction between railway workers and the country's largest scientific center.

Interaction between Russian Railways and the Russian Academy of Sciences is of an applied nature and is aimed at integrating fundamental and applied science to create innovative technical solutions in the field of railway transport.

Thus, within the framework of one of the areas of cooperation, the project "System analysis of the dynamics of geophysical processes in the Russian Arctic and their impact on the development and functioning of the railway transport infrastructure" of the Laboratory of Geoinformatics and Geomagnetic Research of GC RAS Sciences is being implemented. The project is aimed at solving fundamental problems of geophysics for the Arctic region of the Russian Federation (ARRF) in the following four areas: study of electromagnetic processes in the near-Earth environment and the effects of space weather on technological systems; study of large geological structures and sedimentary basins based on a comprehensive analysis of the gravity field and other geophysical data; assessment of seismic and other geodynamic hazards in areas of prospective infrastructure development in the Russian Arctic; study of climatic processes critical for the development of railway infrastructure.